Department of Anatomy


To be recognized as a centre of excellence in providing quality medical education and research.


To contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of Anatomy through teaching, research & publications.

To create an academic environment so as to improve the teaching and learning.

To develop aptitude and skills of students to equip them to face the challenges and needs of a fast changing society.

Achieve academic excellence through innovative teaching and quality research.


The Department of Anatomy is dedicated to teaching Human Anatomy to medical, paramedical and nursing students of this institution. The department has a spacious dissection hall where cadavers and prosecuted parts are available for demonstration to the students.

The department has a well-equipped histology lab with good quality microscopes. Slides of various tissues and organs are available for study. Audiovisual aids such as overhead projectors and slide projectors are used in the department to facilitate reinforcement of knowledge.

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Goals and Objectives

  1. To achieve academic excellence through innovative teaching and quality research.
  2. To provide Need based medical education, including the use of Information technology for the training of staff and students.
  3. To achieve better results in the university examination
  4. To have continuous assessment of both the students and staff to improve the quality of teaching.