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Faculty of Medical & Allied Health Sciences +91-08234-287436 / 287433

Phase II Mentor Ward Committee

Scope and/or objectives

Phase II Mentor ward committee was formed in the year 2015 with the following goals and objectives

  • Short term goal- To provide a support system which helps you make a smooth transition into your new life as a medical student
  • Long term goal- To periodically monitor, assess and guide you which will lead you on a fruitful path that realizes your full potential as a student and as a person.


  • To facilitate the mentees to acquire the requisite knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and responsiveness, so that they may function appropriately and effectively as physicians of first contact in the community.
  • Shape students into confident graduates with excellent leadership, communication, critical thinking, professionalism and other skills important to the transition to the world of work.
  • Equip students with the understanding and tools to make ethical and informed decisions.
  • Help identify career paths for students and support student’s personal growth.
  • Provide an opportunity for students to learn and practice professional networking skills.

Functions of the committee

  • All Phase II MBBS students will be registered to the Phase II mentor ward committee. Personal details of students will be collected in google form and hard copies.
  • The total number students will be divided among all the faculty of the Departments of Pathology, microbiology and Pharmacology.
  • On an average of 9-10 students are allotted to each faculty.
  • Every month at least one mentor mentee interaction will be held on a fixed day and the students will be asked if they are facing any problems and mentee’s will address their issues and counsel them.
  • The same will be documented in a proforma and department coordinators will be responsible for maintaining those files.
  • Department mentor ward coordinators will send a consolidated report of mentor mentee interaction to the phase coordinator.
  • Monthly attendance extract of the students will be mailed by the respective department coordinators to the phase coordinator.
  • Compiled attendance of all the departments will be prepared and mailed to the parents of all the students every month.
  • Chronic absentees will be interacted by respective mentors for further counselling.
  • Internal assessment marks of all students will be mailed by the department coordinator to the Phase II coordinator.
  • The compiled marks list of all departments will be mailed to the parents of respective students within 15 days of exam conduction.
  • Slow learners, average learners will be listed in each department for remedial class.
  • Annual report of the year will be prepared and documented by the Phase coordinator.


Chairperson: Dr MG Shivaramu, Principal, AIMS

Phase II MW committee Coordinator: Dr Rakshitha HB, Associate Professor, Department of Pathology.                                                      

Department Coordinators:

  • Dr Vidyasagar K – Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology
  • Dr Vinaya M        – Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology       
  • Dr Sanjay M        –   Professor, Department of Pathology


  • Department of Microbiology:
  • Dr Venkatesha D
  • Dr Dhanalakshmi T.A
  • Dr K Vidya Sagar
  • Dr Shakthi R
  • Dr Sharlee R
  • Dr Roopashree S
  • Department of Pharmacology:
    Dr Ravishankar M
  • Dr Kokila B.N
  • Dr Vinaya M
  • Dr Ravi M
  • Department of Pathology:
  • Dr Abhishek M.G
  • Dr Vijay Shankar S
  • Dr Amita K
  • Dr Sanjay M
  • Dr Nanjundaswamy D
  • Dr Prakash V.B
  • Dr Rakshitha H.B
  • Dr Kusuma K.N
  • Dr Rajini T
  • Dr Sumaya
  • Dr Prajwala Nagaraju
  • Dr Apoorva Pandit
  • Dr Jayashree H.K

Mentees: Phase II MBBS students