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2023/08/12World Hepatitis Day Report 2023Main Page Alerts, NSS AIMS Unit, Recent Activities, Student Support Cell2023-08-12 10:05:52
2023/08/12World Nature Conservation Day -2023Main Page Alerts, NSS AIMS Unit, Recent Activities, Student Support Cell2023-08-12 10:03:41
2023/08/12Inauguration of Certificate Course on Nutrition in DiabetesDept. of Biochemistry, Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities2023-08-12 09:52:10
2023/08/11World breastfeeding Week (1st August to 7th August) organized by Dept of OBGDepartment of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OBG), Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities, Research Activities2023-08-11 09:48:05
2023/07/11World Population Day 2023 organized by Dept of Community MedicineDept. of Community Medicine, Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities2023-07-11 16:09:33
2023/07/08Walk the Talk seriesDepartment of Ophthalmology, Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities2023-07-08 20:56:42
2023/07/08PG Hostel Fee (2021-22)Hostel2023-07-08 11:39:00
2023/07/08UG Hostel Fee (2021-22)Hostel2023-07-08 11:36:18
2023/07/06Celebrating Excellence: AIMS Ranks 7th among India’s Top Private Medical Colleges in OUTLOOK India’s SurveyMain Page Alerts, Others, Recent Activities2023-07-06 21:14:59
2023/06/29Interactive Session with Final Year Residents & FelicitationMain Page Alerts2023-06-29 19:33:39
2023/06/29Applied Cardio-Respiratory PhysiologyMain Page Alerts2023-06-29 19:23:02
2023/06/29Paper Presentation & Case Discussion by Dr Pragathi at Bangalore Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology annual CME June 2023Main Page Alerts2023-06-29 18:18:55
2023/06/29Med Achieve: Celebrating Medical Excellence in Preclinical SubjectsMain Page Alerts2023-06-29 18:14:43
2023/06/29Med Achieve: Celebrating Medical Excellence in Preclinical SubjectsMain Page Alerts2023-06-29 10:41:27
2023/06/29Rangoli Art Work CompetitionMain Page Alerts2023-06-29 10:39:06
2023/06/22Swarna Bindu PrashanaMain Page Alerts2023-06-22 19:57:45
2023/06/22Rangoli Competition for UG students on the theme ‘ Therapeutic Yoga ‘Main Page Alerts2023-06-22 19:51:09
2023/06/22Yoga week celebrationMain Page Alerts2023-06-22 19:17:46
2023/06/22Yoga Day CelebrationMain Page Alerts2023-06-22 19:13:37
2023/06/22RANGOLI Art Work CompetitionDepartments (AIMS), Main Page Alerts2023-06-22 18:39:29
2023/06/22WW 17.06.23Weekend Wisdom2023-06-22 18:31:26
2023/06/22BSOG CME 2023Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OBG), Main Page Alerts2023-06-22 18:30:02
2023/06/22WORLD BLOOD DONOR DAYMain Page Alerts2023-06-22 18:23:29
2023/06/15Artificial Limb Fitment CampMain Page Alerts, Recent Activities2023-06-15 13:52:16
2023/06/08World Environment Day organized by NSS Unit of ACU in association with ONGC and Abhivyakthi SanghaMain Page Alerts, NSS AIMS Unit, Recent Activities2023-06-08 11:01:34
2023/06/06“World No Tobacco Day-2023” organized by Dept Community Medicine.Dept. of Community Medicine, Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities2023-06-06 11:09:59
2023/06/01WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY 2023 CELEBRATIONMain Page Alerts2023-06-01 18:56:58
2023/06/01Artificial Limb Fitment CampMain Page Alerts2023-06-01 18:51:55
2023/06/01ACU PhD Induction ProgramMain Page Alerts2023-06-01 18:46:21
2023/06/01GUEST LECTUREGuest Lecture, Main Page Alerts2023-06-01 18:41:59
2023/06/01CONGRATULATIONS 💐Main Page Alerts2023-06-01 18:37:23
2023/06/01World Schizophrenia Day 2023Clinical Psychology, Department of Physiology, Main Page Alerts2023-06-01 18:30:37
2023/05/24Coronary CirculationMain Page Alerts2023-05-24 14:07:47
2023/05/24SANKASHTAHARA PUJAMain Page Alerts2023-05-24 13:54:25
2023/05/24GRADUATION FESTIVAL PUJAMain Page Alerts2023-05-24 13:45:12
2023/05/24PROVOGUE: Graduation Fest AIKYATHAMain Page Alerts2023-05-24 13:39:00
2023/05/19SPORTS MEETMain Page Alerts2023-05-19 10:47:25
2023/05/19WW 19.05.23Weekend Wisdom2023-05-19 10:39:50
2023/04/27Hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Miss Prerana Sharoff!Main Page Alerts2023-04-27 12:40:16
2023/04/27WW 09.04.23Weekend Wisdom2023-04-27 12:33:35
2023/04/27Go Green CampusMain Page Alerts2023-04-27 12:31:26
2023/04/27WORKSHOP on AEFI & VPDMain Page Alerts2023-04-27 12:11:02
2023/04/20KSOGA State Level CMEMain Page Alerts2023-04-20 18:59:00
2023/04/20WW 01.04.23Weekend Wisdom2023-04-20 18:48:02
2023/04/20Free Diabetes Screening CampMain Page Alerts2023-04-20 18:44:03
2023/04/20World Water Day Awareness Campaign 2023Departments (AIMS), Main Page Alerts, NSS AIMS Unit2023-04-20 18:29:18
2023/03/24WW 24.03.23Uncategorized2023-03-24 10:52:49
2023/03/24Synopsis/Dissertation Protocol Writing Workshop DayUncategorized2023-03-24 10:47:48
2023/03/24Synopsis/Dissertation Protocol Writing Workshop Day 1Main Page Alerts2023-03-24 10:32:40
2023/03/17Orientation ProgramMain Page Alerts2023-03-17 10:26:47
2023/03/10International Women’s DayMain Page Alerts2023-03-10 10:41:54
2023/03/08National Course on Educational Science for Teachers of Health ProfessionalsMain Page Alerts2023-03-08 18:41:07
2023/03/08World Obesity DayDept. of Community Medicine, Main Page Alerts2023-03-08 14:24:00
2023/03/08Dermacon InternationalDept. of Dermatology, Main Page Alerts2023-03-08 14:10:32
2023/03/08WW 04.03.23Weekend Wisdom2023-03-08 14:00:12
2023/03/01WW 25.03.23Uncategorized, Weekend Wisdom2023-03-01 10:26:54
2023/03/01Guest LectureGuest Lecture, Main Page Alerts2023-03-01 10:24:53
2023/02/23International Mother Language DayUncategorized2023-02-23 18:31:33
2023/02/10National Deworming DayDept. of Community Medicine, Main Page Alerts2023-02-10 11:16:23
2023/02/08KOACON 2023 BELAGAVIMain Page Alerts2023-02-08 18:43:56
2023/02/08APICON 2023Departments of General Medicine, Main Page Alerts2023-02-08 18:31:46
2023/02/08WW 04.02.23Weekend Wisdom2023-02-08 18:22:38
2023/02/02Orientation ProgramDepartment of Physiology, Main Page Alerts2023-02-02 12:29:18
2023/01/31WW 30.01.23Weekend Wisdom2023-01-31 14:07:10
2023/01/31Women’s Symposium ProgramMain Page Alerts2023-01-31 14:05:09
2023/01/31National Voters DayMain Page Alerts2023-01-31 14:00:33
2023/01/27Republic DayMain Page Alerts2023-01-27 17:38:52
2023/01/27Basic Care and Life SupportMain Page Alerts2023-01-27 13:15:12
2023/01/25Ayurvedic Treatment CenteMain Page Alerts2023-01-25 12:59:37
2023/01/25WW 21.01.23Weekend Wisdom2023-01-25 12:55:05
2023/01/20BGS JayantyutsavaMain Page Alerts2023-01-20 12:37:36
2023/01/20BCLS TOT CourseMain Page Alerts2023-01-20 12:17:55
2023/01/20WW 14.01.23Weekend Wisdom2023-01-20 12:13:46
2023/01/20CME on Paediatric Hip DisordersDept. of Pediatrics, Main Page Alerts2023-01-20 12:06:45
2023/01/11WW 09.01.23Weekend Wisdom2023-01-11 14:37:57
2023/01/07PG Orientation ProgramMain Page Alerts2023-01-07 17:11:53
2023/01/07UG Orientation ProgramAcademic Activities, Dept. of Biochemistry, Main Page Alerts2023-01-07 17:01:29
2023/01/07ADDICON 2022Main Page Alerts2023-01-07 16:44:00
2023/01/06PG Orientation ProgramMain Page Alerts2023-01-06 10:24:03
2023/01/05White Coat CeremonyDepartment of Anatomy, Main Page Alerts2023-01-05 11:00:39
2023/01/05WW 31.12.22Weekend Wisdom2023-01-05 10:56:31
2022/12/30Media Coverage of Induction ProgramMain Page Alerts2022-12-30 10:47:45
2022/12/29Induction Program for First Year MBBS Students & Nursing StudentsMain Page Alerts2022-12-29 10:44:56
2022/12/28WW 24.12.22Weekend Wisdom2022-12-28 18:39:32
2022/12/28WW 24.12.22Weekend Wisdom2022-12-28 18:25:54
2022/12/28Wheel chairs DonationMain Page Alerts2022-12-28 18:22:07
2022/12/28Dr Rangaswamy, Former VC of Ramachandra UniversityMain Page Alerts2022-12-28 18:18:02
2022/12/22World AIDS DayCommunity Medicine, Main Page Alerts2022-12-22 10:21:00
2022/12/10World Diabetes DayDept. of Community Medicine, Main Page Alerts2022-12-10 19:00:24
2022/12/10Exploring ProQuest Resources for Medical Research and LearningMain Page Alerts2022-12-10 18:38:01
2022/12/10Web of Science ReportMain Page Alerts2022-12-10 18:17:49
2022/12/05Honorable Health Minister of Karnataka Dr K Sudhakar Visit to AIMSMain Page Alerts2022-12-05 16:54:16
2022/12/05Children’s Day Celebration – 2022Dept. of Pediatrics, Main Page Alerts2022-12-05 14:41:30
2022/12/05Organ Donation Awareness Program Media CoverageMain Page Alerts2022-12-05 14:23:27
2022/12/05Organ Donation and Transplantation Awareness and Poster CompetitionAIMS-General, Main Page Alerts2022-12-05 14:16:03
2022/12/05WW 03.12.22Weekend Wisdom2022-12-05 14:03:02
2022/12/01Best Paper Award UG_KAMLSCON – 2022Main Page Alerts2022-12-01 10:36:30
2022/11/26WW 26.11.22Weekend Wisdom2022-11-26 14:06:48
2022/11/26Ethnic DayAIMS-General, Main Page Alerts2022-11-26 14:01:30
2022/11/23AIMS Weekend Wisdom BroucherMain Page Alerts2022-11-23 14:18:04
2022/11/23International Men’s DayDepartments (AIMS), Main Page Alerts2022-11-23 14:02:08
2022/11/19WW 19.11.22Weekend Wisdom2022-11-19 14:19:52
2022/11/18CUTICON KN 2022Dept. of Dermatology, Main Page Alerts2022-11-18 13:20:06
2022/11/17Ganesha PujaAIMS-General, Main Page Alerts2022-11-17 11:26:07
2022/11/17Free Health Check Up CampAIMS-General, Main Page Alerts2022-11-17 11:17:21
2022/11/17National Library Week 2022AIMS-General, Main Page Alerts2022-11-17 11:11:05
2022/11/17International Pathology DayDepartment of Pathology, Main Page Alerts2022-11-17 10:38:07
2022/11/04World Arthritis DayDepartments (AIMS), Dept. of Orthopaedics, Main Page Alerts2022-11-04 20:36:51
2022/11/04National Unity DayMain Page Alerts2022-11-04 11:21:41
2022/11/04National Unity DayAIMS-General, Main Page Alerts2022-11-04 10:38:20
2022/10/31JMSHAIMS-General, Main Page Alerts2022-10-31 16:22:23
2022/10/31National Unity DayMain Page Alerts, NSS AIMS Unit2022-10-31 14:25:09
2022/10/29Koti Kanta GaayanaDepartments (AIMS), Main Page Alerts2022-10-29 14:14:35
2022/10/22Moot CourtDepartment of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OBG), Dept. of Forensic Medicin, Main Page Alerts2022-10-22 14:50:43
2022/10/22World Food DayDept. of Community Medicine, Main Page Alerts, NSS AIMS Unit2022-10-22 14:04:48
2022/10/21Microbiology Guest LectureDept. of Microbiology, Main Page Alerts2022-10-21 14:05:21
2022/10/21Guest Lecture – Tips for successful outcome by an experienced learnerDepartment of Anatomy, Main Page Alerts2022-10-21 13:56:24
2022/10/19Neonatal Deafness ScreeningMain Page Alerts2022-10-19 14:04:41
2022/10/19Biochemistry Quiz 2022Dept. of Biochemistry, Main Page Alerts2022-10-19 13:52:04
2022/10/19World Mental Health WeekAIMS-General, Department of Physiology, Department of Psychiatry, Main Page Alerts, Student Support Cell2022-10-19 12:48:15
2022/10/19Attitude, Ethics and CommunicationDept. of Biochemistry, Main Page Alerts2022-10-19 12:37:31
2022/10/19Bio QuizDept. of Biochemistry2022-10-19 12:28:05
2022/10/15Competency Based Questions & Answers in AnatomyDepartment of Anatomy2022-10-15 18:22:45
2022/10/15Weekend WisdomMain Page Alerts2022-10-15 18:11:31
2022/10/14Face PaintingDepartment of Anatomy, Main Page Alerts2022-10-14 19:52:07
2022/10/12Biochemistry for First MBBS Professional ExaminationDept. of Biochemistry, Main Page Alerts2022-10-12 19:07:07
2022/10/12Competency Based Clinical Biochemistry – A Practical Manual for First MBBS StudentsDept. of Biochemistry, Main Page Alerts2022-10-12 18:41:33
2022/10/12Quick Review of Human Anatomy – Dr AsharaniDepartment of Anatomy, Main Page Alerts2022-10-12 18:31:48
2022/10/11Guest Lecture on “Tubeless Anesthesia”Department of Anesthesiology, Main Page Alerts2022-10-11 13:39:35
2022/10/11World Mental Health Day – 2022Department of Psychiatry, Main Page Alerts2022-10-11 12:55:48
2022/10/07World Suicide Prevention day -2022Department of Psychiatry, Main Page Alerts, NSS AIMS Unit, Student Support Cell2022-10-07 09:48:38
2022/10/06National Nutrition Week-2022Dept. of Community Medicine, Main Page Alerts, NSS AIMS Unit2022-10-06 15:27:49
2022/10/06Rabies awareness – 28.9.2022Dept. of Community Medicine, Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities2022-10-06 15:22:36
2022/10/06Global Intensive Care Symposium 2022Departments of General Medicine, Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities2022-10-06 15:04:12
2022/10/0632nd Karnataka State Obstetrics and Gynaecology Association ConferenceDepartment of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OBG), Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities2022-10-06 15:03:26
2022/10/06Gurukul PG Teaching Programme 2022Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OBG), Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities2022-10-06 15:02:10
2022/10/06AYUDHA PUJA 2022Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities2022-10-06 11:07:16
2022/10/06KSCASI-midCON 2022General Surgery, Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities2022-10-06 10:59:28
2022/09/24AETCOM sessions by Physiology Department for 1st MBBS students of 2021-2022Department of Physiology, Main Page Alerts2022-09-24 02:13:25
2022/09/24WORLD ALZHEIMER’S DAY CELEBRATION 2022Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, Departments of General Medicine, Main Page Alerts2022-09-24 02:09:31
2022/09/13Report of “Free health checkup camp”, organized by dept of OBGMain Page Alerts2022-09-13 22:51:25
2022/09/13Report of Onam Celebration – 2022 at AIMSDepartment of Pathology, Main Page Alerts, Student Support Cell2022-09-13 22:44:47
2022/09/10International Day of Yoga – 2022 celebration ReportDepartment of Anesthesiology, Department of Pathology, Department of Physiology, Main Page Alerts2022-09-10 22:51:53
2022/09/09Report of 1st DAC meeting for Ph.D. on 28th June 2022Dept. of Biochemistry, Main Page Alerts2022-09-09 22:20:33
2022/09/01Summary of UG debate – Physiology departmentClinical Psychology, Department of Physiology, Main Page Alerts2022-09-01 02:32:27
2022/08/12World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated from 1st to 7th August 2022Community Medicine, Dept. of Community Medicine, Main Page Alerts2022-08-12 22:27:23
2022/07/30WW 30.07.22Weekend Wisdom2022-07-30 15:05:53
2022/06/15Synopsis writing Workshop for Post-graduate students of 2021-22 batchMain Page Alerts, Workshop2022-06-15 21:26:21
2022/06/10World No Tobacco Day 2022Dept. of Community Medicine, Main Page Alerts, Workshop2022-06-10 11:52:08
2022/06/08Women empowerment Cell EventMain Page Alerts, Women Empowerment Committee2022-06-08 12:04:06
2022/06/04Student Seminar on “Complement”Dept. of Microbiology, Main Page Alerts, Seminar2022-06-04 12:28:40
2022/06/04Monthly report of activities under UBAAcademic Activities, Main Page Alerts, UBA2022-06-04 12:16:43
2022/06/04Report of Health Education ProgramDept. of Community Medicine, Main Page Alerts, Workshop2022-06-04 12:13:01
2022/06/04Institutional Values and Best PracticesMain Page Alerts, NAAC, Workshop2022-06-04 12:07:31
2022/05/13Promotion of mental wellbeing through life skills approach – An activityMain Page Alerts, Student Support Cell2022-05-13 15:33:05
2022/04/19UG Orientation Program held on 12th April 2022Dept. of Biochemistry, Main Page Alerts2022-04-19 12:53:16
2022/04/14Orientation program report (Physiology)Department of Physiology, Main Page Alerts2022-04-14 15:38:18
2022/04/14Eye camp and awareness programmeDept. of Community Medicine, Main Page Alerts2022-04-14 15:33:12
2022/04/13UG orientation program (BIOCHEMISTRY)Dept. of Biochemistry, Main Page Alerts2022-04-13 15:36:27
2022/03/30Sensitization programme 29.03.2022NTEP AIMS Unit, Student Support Cell2022-03-30 15:19:44
2022/03/28Meritorious Award is presented to Dr C G AadarshAwards2022-03-28 16:22:17
2022/03/26Induction and Orientation ProgrammeAIMS-General, IQAC, Main Page Alerts, NAAC2022-03-26 18:29:18
2022/03/26World Tuberculosis (TB) Day – 2022Main Page Alerts2022-03-26 18:25:28
2022/03/26Sensitization program on recent updates of TuberculosisNTEP AIMS Unit2022-03-26 16:50:55
2022/03/24Sensitization Programme on Recent Updates of National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme (NTEP)AIMS-General, Main Page Alerts, NTEP AIMS Unit2022-03-24 18:36:58
2022/03/23DISSERTATION WRITING WORKSHOPMain Page Alerts, Workshop2022-03-23 18:41:39
2022/03/19Good governance, dynamic leadership and visionary managementIQAC, Main Page Alerts, NAAC2022-03-19 18:48:28
2022/03/15Report of ‘Salt Awareness Week’Dept. of Community Medicine, Main Page Alerts, NSS AIMS Unit2022-03-15 10:05:34
2022/02/18Deworming DayDept. of Community Medicine, Main Page Alerts, NSS AIMS Unit2022-02-18 14:20:44
2022/02/16Summary Report Of Research Methodology Workshop And ICMR STS Orientation WorkshopMain Page Alerts, Recent Activities, Research Activities2022-02-16 14:21:16
2022/02/12WW 14.02.22Weekend Wisdom2022-02-12 10:11:55
2022/02/05WW 07.02.22Weekend Wisdom2022-02-05 10:13:53
2022/01/30WW 31.01.22Weekend Wisdom2022-01-30 10:18:37
2022/01/25Kalakruthi 2020 e-MagazineAcademic Activities, Magazines2022-01-25 09:59:43
2022/01/14Strong student support-the key to dynamic student progressionIQAC, NAAC, Webinar2022-01-14 10:31:31
2022/01/14TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY AND ANAESTHESIADepartment of Anesthesiology, Main Page Alerts, Webinar2022-01-14 10:22:39
2022/01/13Celebration of “Louis Pasteur day”Dept. of Microbiology, Main Page Alerts, Seminar2022-01-13 10:38:38
2021/12/30Recruiting Senior Residents for Clinical Departments (Valid till 02-01-2022)Careers, Main Page Alerts2021-12-30 08:40:27
2021/12/25WW 27.12.2021Weekend Wisdom2021-12-25 12:08:12
2021/12/19WW 20.12.21Weekend Wisdom2021-12-19 12:05:50
2021/12/14Bio Quiz on Diabetes MellitusDept. of Biochemistry, Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities2021-12-14 22:51:31
2021/12/04Webinar on “Intellectual Property Rights”AIMS-LRC, IQAC, Main Page Alerts, NAAC, Recent Activities, Webinar2021-12-04 20:17:18
2021/12/04Report of the presentation on EBSCO Database (DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson)AIMS-LRC, IQAC, Main Page Alerts, NAAC, Recent Activities, Workshop2021-12-04 20:15:34
2021/11/17WW 13.11.2021Weekend Wisdom2021-11-17 11:28:53
2021/11/17WW 06.11.2021Weekend Wisdom2021-11-17 11:28:21
2021/11/17WW 30.10.2021Weekend Wisdom2021-11-17 11:27:19
2021/11/14Integrated teaching Programme on “Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)”Dept. of Microbiology, Main Page Alerts2021-11-14 11:39:20
2021/11/14Larval surveillance and Dengue awareness program by NSS AIMS unitNSS AIMS Unit2021-11-14 09:06:41
2021/10/22Biosem Laurels: An award function for academic excellence in BiochemistryAcademic Activities, Activities: Medical Biochemistry, Dept. of Biochemistry, Main Page Alerts2021-10-22 19:55:11
2021/10/08Breast Feeding Weak(WBF) WEEK 2021Dept. of Community Medicine2021-10-08 11:31:07
2021/09/21Calendar of Events for Admission to UG/PG 2020-21Admissions, PG Admission, UG Admission2021-09-21 23:47:19
2021/09/21Calendar of Events for Admission to UG/PG 2019-20Admissions, PG Admission, UG Admission2021-09-21 23:42:38
2021/08/07Report of 1st DAC meetingDept. of Biochemistry, Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities2021-08-07 21:31:19
2021/08/04Report of training programeDept. of Biochemistry, Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities2021-08-04 21:33:38
2021/06/18International Yoga Day 2021Main Page Alerts, Physiology, Webinar2021-06-18 09:46:12
2021/06/17Corona awareness program and Corona vaccination driveAIMS-General, Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities2021-06-17 14:53:37
2021/06/09Webinar on “Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow”Community Medicine, Dept. of Biochemistry, Main Page Alerts, Webinar2021-06-09 10:14:47
2021/06/08Webinar: Women Empowerment Cell UpdateAIMS-General, Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities, Women Empowerment Committee2021-06-08 14:10:04
2021/06/06Webinar: Food Safety Day – 07-06-2021Community Medicine, Dept. of Biochemistry, Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities, Webinar2021-06-06 10:03:47
2021/06/05World Environmental Day 2021AIMS-General, Cultural and Extracurricular Activities, Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities2021-06-05 14:52:35
2021/06/04Covid-19 Response UpdateAIMS-General, Covid-19, Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities2021-06-04 18:51:33
2021/05/2920 monitors to AH & RC, B G NagaraAIMS-General, Main Page Alerts, Recent Activities2021-05-29 20:37:58
2021/05/26AIMS-Women Empowerment Cell : WebinarAIMS-General, Recent Activities, Webinar2021-05-26 15:42:15
2021/05/24Teaching Learning and Evaluation – Inputs on Criteria 2 of NAACAIMS-General, IQAC, NAAC, Webinar2021-05-24 19:09:16
2021/05/11Faculty of Medicine – Teaching faculty recruitmentMedicine, Recent Activities2021-05-11 18:24:25
2021/05/07Workshop Report on positive attitude for non-teaching staffRecent Activities, Workshop2021-05-07 18:29:27
2021/05/06DISTRIBUTION OF NUTRITIOUS FOOD KIT 2021Dept. of Community Medicine2021-05-06 11:33:14
2021/05/05Dengue Day 2021Uncategorized2021-05-05 11:32:21
2021/04/26Report of Webinar on “e-Learning in Medical Education – Winds of Change”Curriculum Committee, Seminar2021-04-26 16:51:04
2021/04/26World Immunization Drive – Dept. of PediatricsPaediatrics2021-04-26 16:18:44
2021/04/24“Process of Patent” 22nd April 2021Guest Lecture, Others2021-04-24 16:28:01
2021/04/22Workshop on Positive attitude for Non teaching staffAIMS-General, IQAC2021-04-22 19:12:16
2021/04/20Webinar on “Feedback on Curriculum: Process and implications”Seminar, Webinar2021-04-20 16:52:47
2021/04/20Utility of Skills lab for Physiology skill training and assessmentGuest Lecture, Physiology2021-04-20 16:43:00
2021/04/20Orientation Program – Department of PhysiologyPhysiology2021-04-20 16:37:17
2021/04/20Importance of Early Clinical ExposureGuest Lecture, Physiology2021-04-20 16:31:30
2021/04/16“Surprising Benefits of Vitamin D” organized by the Dept. of BiochemistryDept. of Biochemistry, Webinar2021-04-16 19:07:52
2021/04/08Webinar on 9th April 2021Webinar2021-04-08 16:55:45
2021/04/03Webinar on “e-Learning in Medical Education – Winds of Change”Webinar2021-04-03 16:57:46
2021/03/21Report of Tuberculosis (TB) and COVID 19 awareness Programme 2021Dept. of Community Medicine2021-03-21 12:09:57
2021/03/12Time Management – Guest Lecture (Dept. of Biochemistry)Dept. of Biochemistry, Recent Activities2021-03-12 11:20:41
2021/01/20AIMS ALUMNI COVID WARRIOR FELICITATION PROGRAMMEAlumni, Main Page Alerts2021-01-20 18:36:31
2020/11/06UG Admission 2019-20Admissions, UG Admission2020-11-06 13:04:50
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