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4-Day Workshop on Internal Auditing and Quality Management System

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Report on Four-Day Workshop by MELAP on Internal Auditing and Quality Management System from 02/04/2024 to 05/04/2024.
With the divine blessings of Paramapoojya Jagadguru Padmabhushana Sri Sri Sri Dr. Balagangadharanatha Mahaswamiji and Paramapoojya Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Dr. Nirmalanandanatha Mahaswamiji, IA and QMS workshop was conducted from the 02nd April 2024 to 05th April 2024 by the Department of Pathology, Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences.
The workshop aimed to equip participants with essential skills and knowledge to enhance organizational effectiveness and compliance through robust auditing practices and effective QMS implementation. The event took place in MEU hall, college building. Dr. Aliya Nusrath (Vice-Principal and HOD of Biochemistry.)  Dr. Kiran Naik, (Vice-principal, HOD of ENT), inaugurated the event and the prayer was rendered by Dr. Jayashree HK, Senior resident in the presence of Dr. Abhishek M. G. (HOD of pathology), Dr Vijay Shankar S (Professor of Pathology) Dr. Sanjay M (Laboratory Director and Professor of Pathology), Dr Jayesh Pandey (MELAP representative), all the faculty and postgraduates of the department were present for the inaugural ceremony.  
After   the inauguration, a speech regarding the significance of NABL accreditation and QMS was given by Dr. Abhishek MG, HOD of Pathology followed by Dr Aliya Nusrath, Dr Kiran Naik and Dr Vijay Shankar S who all said a few words regarding the same. 
Dr Jayesh Pandey sir was then felicitated by the guests of honour. The vote of thanks was delivered by Dr Sanjay M. 
Day 1: Understanding Internal Auditing The first day commenced with an overview of internal auditing principles, emphasizing its significance in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and optimizing organizational processes. Participants delved into various auditing techniques, including risk-based auditing and process auditing, through interactive sessions and case studies.
Day 2: Implementing Quality Management Systems Day two was dedicated to exploring Quality Management Systems (QMS) and their pivotal role in enhancing product and service quality. Workshops and discussions revolved around QMS frameworks such as ISO 9001, highlighting the steps involved in QMS implementation, documentation, and continual improvement.
Day 3: Practical Application and Case Studies The third day involved hands-on exercises and real-world case studies, allowing participants to apply their knowledge gained from the previous sessions. Through group activities and simulations, participants honed their auditing skills and addressed challenges commonly encountered during internal audits and QMS implementation. A fun role playing game was organised where teams had to audit each other. 
Day 4: Advanced Topics and Certification The final day focused on advanced topics such as auditing for regulatory compliance, auditing in specialized industries, and preparing for certification audits. Participants received guidance on obtaining relevant certifications and enhancing their professional credentials in the field of internal auditing and quality management. The participants were asked to create their own SOPs and QPS which were then discussed. 
A small examination was conducted to test the understanding of the subject following which the certificates were distributed. 
Dr Neeraj Jain, course coordinator  and Dr Rinu Goyal, member of MELAP, respectively, also interacted with the participants which led to an interesting doubt-clearing session. 
 The efforts taken by all the teams who are all newbies to the subject, must be lauded. Heartfelt thanks to all the help by the non-teaching staff in setting up the venue for the day. All smiles for the big picture!