Guest Lecture on Breast Imaging on the occasion of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Department of Radio-diagnosis at Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences had organized a Guest Lecture on Breast Imaging celebrating the Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the objective of providing valuable insights into breast imaging. Dr. Rajesh Raman, Professor & HOD at Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences, delivered an informative lecture on various imaging techniques. Attendees, including radiology faculty and students, gained comprehensive knowledge on mammography, sonomammography, sonoelastography, CT, MRI, and fusion imaging.

The lecture also covered the differentiation of benign and malignant lesions based on specific characteristics. Dr. Rajesh Raman’s expertise significantly contributed to the event’s success. Principal Dr. M.G. Shivaramu presented Dr. Rajesh Raman with a Certificate of Appreciation, and the event concluded with a vote of thanks expressing gratitude to all participants for their active engagement. Overall, the event effectively achieved its objective of spreading awareness and enhancing knowledge about breast imaging.