Objective: To improve the quality of medical training by training the teachers.

  • Sensitize teachers about new concepts in teaching and assessment methods
  • Develop knowledge and clinical skills required for performing the role of competent and effective teacher, administrator, researcher and mentor
  • Assist clinicians to acquire competency in communication and behavioral skills
  • Update knowledge using modern information and research methodology tools.

Since its inception, the MEU of AIMS has involved in training the teachers to enrich their knowledge and skills, and to update them about the use of modern technology in teaching and research. MEU has also trained the students of the institution with regular induction and orientation programmes. The approach of MEU is strongly problem-based and student centered, utilizing the teaching expertise of the institute. A depth of preclinical understanding is matched with robust clinical competence to produce a medical graduate who is prepared for a lifetime of scholarship

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The Medical Council of India, by the MCI Regulations on Graduate Medical Education, 1997, made it mandatory for all medical colleges to establish Medical Education Units (MEUs) or departments in order to enable faculty members to avail modern education technology for teaching.

The global shortage of well trained health care professionals, greater complexity in medical diagnosis and management, and increasing community expectation of good health outcomes has made medical education one of the core academic disciplines. Hence the Medical Education Unit (MEU) was started as a part of the Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences.

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Details of MEU Resource Faculty

Sr. No. Name Designation & Department of MEU faculty Mobile E mail ATCOM &rBCW attended at RC / NC Registered for FIME/ Completed for FIME/
          Attended Y / N From To    
  Dr. Shivaramu M G Officer in-charge, Principal 9663927257 mgshivaramu Yes 10-10-2017 13-10-2017
  Dr.Madhav K Savkar Convener 9845150789 savkarmk Yes 25-08-2015 28-08-2015 13th October 2015-B Completed
  Dr.Sudhir G K Co-convener 9448171730 gk_sudhir Yes 28-09-2015 01-10-2015 13th October 2015-B Completed
  Dr.Aliya Nusrath Member 9448168236 aliyaikrambio Yes 28-09-2015 01-10-2015 22nd April 2016-A Ongoing
  Dr.Vijay Shankar S Member 9845357933 vijayshankarpatho No 04-04-2017 07-04-2017 22nd April 2016-A Ongoing
  Dr.M Ranga Swaroop Member 9880397847 mrswaroop79 Yes 21-03-2016 24-03-2016
  Dr.Abhishek M G Member 9844663752 drmgabhishek No
  Dr.Shashikiran M Member 7829214665 janyasm Yes 27-06-2016 30-06-2016
  Dr.Vinaya M Member 9901732581 drmvinaya2016 No
  Dr.Vijay Kumar A G Member 9916735739 vijayfmt@ No    
  Dr.Vijaya S Member 9945545685 vijaya_sudhir82 No
  Dr.Tejaswi H L Member 9986322186 drtejaswihl Yes 21-03-2016 24-03-2016 5th September 2017 Ongoing
  Dr.Shilpashree Y D Member 7259138112 dr.shilpashree.yd No
  Dr.Amita K Member 9901429624 dramitay@ Yes 17-10-2016 20-10-2016    
  Dr.N Asha Rani Member 9448957069 ashanellore@ No 5th September 2017 Ongoing
  Dr.Vinay H R Member 8904093422 No