Educational Day at AIMS: BGS Model Public School

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“An Educational Day at AIMS: BGS Model Public School Visits Anatomy Museum and AIMS Skill & Simulation Center” on 1st September 2023
“200 Students from BGS Model Public School, B G Nagara, embarked on an educational visit today to AIMS’ Anatomy Museum and Simulation Center. The tour coordinator, Dr. Ajay, along with Dr. Naveen and Dr. Ravi, guided the students through these remarkable facilities
The students had an exciting time at the Anatomy Museum, where they got to examine detailed exhibits and gain a better understanding of the human body’s intricacies. In the Simulation Center, they had the opportunity to interact with skill trainers about mannequins, which added an interactive and practical dimension to their learning experience.
This educational excursion was aimed at fueling the students’ curiosity and motivating them to consider careers in healthcare. It provided a glimpse into the fascinating world of anatomy and medical simulation, leaving a lasting impression on these young minds, who may one day become the healthcare professionals of the future.