Larval surveillance and Dengue awareness program by NSS AIMS unit

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NSS AIMS unit in association with Department of Community Medicine had organised a larval surveillance and awareness program at Govindaghatta and Mellahalli on 13.11.2021. Around 100 NSS volunteers participated in the event. Initially Dr. Sheethal MP, Program officer, NSS AIMS unit briefed the students on larval surveillance and control measures, followed by which the volunteers were taken to the village in a batch of 50 each. On reaching the village premises, they were divided into a batch of two, and surveyed around 5-6 houses/ team. Door to door visit was done, they examined all the containers for larvae, and positive containers were shown to the households and emptied. Volunteers also provided health education to the households on the vector borne diseases, their breeding sites and control measures. The larvae collected was displayed at the school and anganwadi centres to educate them to identify the larvae and to prevent the further breeding. The activity was also reported to our CHC, Bellur and health inspector also helped us in conducting the survey.

Dr. Shashikanth SK, Assoc Prof, Dr. Sushrutha, tutor, Dr. Prabhudeva and Mr. Yathish, MSW Dept of Community Medicine also took part in organising this program.