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Faculty of Medical & Allied Health Sciences +91-08234-287436 / 287433
The department of Forensic Medicine in association with Dept of Obstetrics & Gynaecology organized a programme session on MOOT COURT involving students of batch 2020-21 and Faculty/postgraduates of the Dept of OBG on 21st October 2022. 
Dr. KUMAR U , Prof and Head, Dept of Forensic Medicine , AIMS , BG Nagara , was the moderator for the Mock court proceedings. Dr Chinmayi Yelauri, Assistant Professor, Dept of Forensic Medicine was the the Court Master. The Court proceedings in the Mock court complex in the department was relayed and live-streamed to classrooms for benefit of UG students. 
The objective of the MOOT COURT session was to sensitise the UG MBBS students of the basic Court proceedings and legal procedures when a Medical witness(doctor) is summoned to court. The second session involved a role play of a POCSO case where dept of OBG staff was involved in the court room proceedings of cross examinations of the doctors who had examined the victim of sexual assault. 
All the faculty and postgraduates of Department of OBG along wit 148 UG MBBS students attended the court session with all the decorum and discipline , to make it a grand success in terms of excellent outcomes on facing the courts , whenever a doctor is summoned as expert witness to testify and give evidence on a case matter .
The program was organized under the guidance of Dr. M G Shivaramu, Dean, Health Sciences (Medical), ACU, Principal, AIMS, B G Nagara.