Commemoration of National Anti-leprosy Day and Martyr’s Day

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On January 30, 2024, the Department of Dermatology at Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) organized a ‘Free Skin Camp and Leprosy Screening Camp’ at the Primary Health Centre in Devalapura, Nagamangala, in commemoration of National Anti-leprosy Day and Martyr’s Day. The event aimed to achieve three key objectives: raise awareness about leprosy and other skin disorders, conduct comprehensive screening for early detection, and engage with the community through activities like street plays and a rally to dispel myths surrounding leprosy. The inaugural function, graced by the presence of dignitaries such as Mrs. Naeem Unnisa, Tahsildar of Nagamangala, and Shri Sathkeerthinatha Swamiji, included a two-minute silence in honor of Mahatma Gandhi. Street plays by the Arunodaya Kala Team and speeches by the chief guest and other dignitaries highlighted the importance of early intervention and maintaining good health.
Following the inaugural function, a rally through the streets of Devalapura featured participants from the Department of Dermatology and AIMS, along with students and ASHA workers. Pamphlets distributed during the rally provided accurate information about leprosy, dispelling misconceptions and emphasizing its curability. The free skin camp at the Primary Health Centre treated around 100 patients for various skin diseases, screening them for leprosy and distributing free drugs. The event’s outcomes included increased public awareness about leprosy, dispelling myths, and improved healthcare access for the local community through early detection and treatment.