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Driving Towards Safety: National Road Safety Month Workshop

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On January 12, 2024, the NSS Unit of AIMS, in collaboration with the Regional Transport Office, Nagamangala, organized a Training Workshop at AIMS, B G Nagara, as part of the 35th National Road Safety Month. The workshop aimed to provide comprehensive training to drivers serving schools and colleges affiliated with ACU and SAST, enhancing their knowledge and skills in road safety practices to contribute to the reduction of road accidents and fatalities.
Distinguished guests including Mr. Mallikarjun, ARTO, Dr. M G Shivaramu, Principal of AIMS, and Mr. Rajesh, Motor Vehicle Inspector, participated in the event. More than 200 drivers actively engaged in interactive sessions, demonstrations, and discussions, benefiting from practical training tailored to their needs.
The outcomes of the workshop were significant. Firstly, the workshop succeeded in increasing awareness among the drivers regarding the importance of adhering to road safety regulations and best practices. Secondly, participants developed enhanced skills through practical training sessions conducted by experts, equipping them to handle various road situations safely. Moreover, the event fostered collaboration between educational institutions, the Regional Transport Office, and other stakeholders, strengthening efforts towards promoting road safety initiatives within the community. The release of a road safety booklet and a tree planting ceremony further underscored the commitment to promoting safer roads and communities, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and proactive initiatives in achieving this goal.