“World No Tobacco Day-2023” organized by Dept Community Medicine.

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Theme: We Need Food, Not Tobacco
 ‘World No Tobacco Day 2023’ was organised by Dept of Community Medicine on 31st May 2023 at Alisandra Village 
Awareness session was conducted for villagers and panchayat members at Alisandra village by- 
 Dr.Vijay Hugar about Hazardous effects of tobacco consumption, addiction and measures to overcome and
Dr.Sreelakshmi, about the different forms of tobacco products and COTPA act. 
More than 100 villagers were part of the event and the Panchayat members were sensitized about the ‘Tobacco free village concept’ and collected the opinion of villagers.       
Community Health Officer, Health inspecting Officer, ASHA workers, Anganwadi workers, MSWs and Interns participated in the program. The program was organised under the guidance of Dr M G Shivaramu, Dean, Health Sciences (Medical), Principal, AIMS.