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International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day  – 2022 observance at AIMS”
Women empowerment cell in association with Kannada Balaga of AIMS organised a special program on the occasion of ‘International Men’s Day’ observed world over on November 19th every year. 
Theme:  ‘Helping Men and Boys ‘.
The program was inaugurated by Dr. M.G. Shivaramu, Dean, Health sciences (Medical), ACU, Principal, AIMS and gave a key message in maintaining a complimentary healthy relationship between Men and Women for prosperous living.
Dr. Mahendrappa.K.B, President, Kannada Balaga, Dr. Vasanth Kumar.K.R, Advisor, Kannada Balaga, Dr. Manjula.R, Chairperson and Dr. Rajani.T, Coordinator of Women empowerment cell Coordinated the event.
On this occasion, skit was performed by II MBBS students titled as “ಗಂಡು+ ಅಂತರ = ಗಂಡಾಂತರ” highlighting the issues faced by boys and men in today’s world in a comical way. 
Pep talks was delivered by Dr. M.G. Shivaramu, and Dr. Vasanth Kumar.K.R stressing the importance of addressing the physical and mental health issues of boys and men. 
Surprise gifts for a boy with ‘Good Physique’, faculty with ‘Best moustache’ and ‘Well dressed male’ was distributed
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