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Faculty of Medical & Allied Health Sciences +91-08234-287436 / 287433

Report of Free Total Knee Replacement Camp

Date/s and Duration

18/01/2024 – 20/02/2024


Adichunchanagiri Hospital

Total Number of Surgeries


Organising Department

Alumni Association of AIMS Department of Orthopaedics

Objective/s of the Event

1.     To Provide Accessible Healthcare: The primary objective of organizing a free total knee replacement camp is to provide accessible healthcare services to individuals who may not have the financial means to afford such procedures on their own. This initiative aims to address healthcare disparities and ensure that everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status, has access to essential medical treatments.

2.     To Alleviate Pain and Improve Quality of Life: Many individuals suffering from severe knee arthritis or joint damage experience debilitating pain and limited mobility, significantly impacting their quality of life. The objective of the camp is to alleviate pain and restore function in these individuals by offering free total knee replacement surgeries, enabling them to lead more active and comfortable lives.

3.     To Raise Awareness: Another objective of the free total knee replacement camp is to raise awareness about knee arthritis, joint health, and the available treatment options. By conducting educational sessions and outreach activities, the camp aims to empower individuals with knowledge about preventive measures, early detection, and appropriate management of knee-related conditions.


Brief Report of the Event (in about 200 words)

1.     The free total knee replacement camp was organized with the aim of addressing healthcare disparities and providing essential medical services to individuals in need. Over the course of the camp, a team of dedicated healthcare professionals performed total knee replacement surgeries on eligible patients, free of charge. These surgeries not only alleviated pain and restored mobility in the recipients but also had a profound impact on their overall quality of life.

2.     In addition to the surgical procedures, the camp included educational sessions and outreach activities to raise awareness about knee arthritis and joint health. Community members were encouraged to participate in these sessions to learn about preventive measures and treatment options for knee-related conditions.

3.     Overall, the free total knee replacement camp was a resounding success, thanks to the collaborative efforts of healthcare professionals, volunteers, and community members. By providing accessible healthcare services, alleviating pain, and raising awareness, the camp made a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals suffering from knee arthritis and joint damage.

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