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Faculty of Medical & Allied Health Sciences +91-08234-287436 / 287433

The MBBS students (16 in number) of 2020-21 batch who have completed professional year three (Phase 3 part 1) examination were posted to Department of Biochemistry for electives. The elective module was based on the topic, Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Analysis and its Interpretation.

Dr Aliya Nusrath, Prof & Head, Department of Biochemistry was the coordinator, Dr Rajeshwari, A,  Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry was the moderator and faculty members of the department were the facilitators and internal preceptors. Electives students were posted from 11/03/2024 to 23/03/2024.  

The elective module commenced with the orientation program for students by Dr Aliya Nusrath, Prof & Head, Department of Biochemistry. Ms Inchara and Mr Pavan conducted the pre-session assessment and a brief introduction on acid base balance, general concepts of buffers, body buffer system-mechanism. Dr Shilpashree YD, Associate professor discussed on the topic introductory class on acid base balance and role of blood buffers in maintaining acid base balance. Dr Rajeshwari A., Associate professor highlighted on the topics of importance of respiratory regulation and renal system in maintaining acid base balance and Acid Base Disorders and its compensatory mechanisms.

The orientation and the workflow of Biochemistry Clinical Laboratory was done by Dr Shilpashree YD., and Dr R Sandeep Verma. Blood sample collection and preanalytical variables was briefed by Dr Mythri S and. Ms Inchara

Dr Asharani N, Dr Shilpashree YD, Dr Mythri S & Ms. Johnsi Priya provided hands on training on blood collection techniques/Phlebotomy (Peyton’s Model) and demonstration of arterial blood collection techniques at both Phlebotomy section and skill lab. The students were briefed regarding the ABG analyzer & Electrolyte analyzer Instrumentation, Principle, and applications and hands on training on handling ABG analyzer and Electrolyte analyzer (Peyton’s Model) and blood sample analysis for electrolytes and ABG and its interpretation were provided at the AHRC Biochemistry laboratory by Dr Shilpashree Y D, Mr Somashekar G N, Dr Namitha D,  Dr Mythri& Dr R Sandeep Verma.

The stepwise approach to Diagnose Acid Base Disorders and problem solving session on Acid base disorders – Interpretation of lab reports was explained by Dr Aliya Nusrath. In continuation to assess the same, various assessments tools were incorporated like, skill assessment on Blood Sample collection, performance of ABG and Electrolyte analysis, student seminar on the topic – Acid Base Balance and Disorders, case presentation and Interpretation of reports was done. At the end of the session post assessment test was conducted, Portfolio/logbook submission was done Feedback was collected using Google form with student providing positive feedback.

List of students posted for electives:

Block I Students Name

Block II Students Name

G. Harshitha

Niveditha Melmalgi

G.R. Niharika


Govind Dinesh

Sharmistha Panda

Kalpana. K


Karthik Mallikarjun Diggavi


Kavana Shetty. D.H

Sree Thanvi Bathina

Konkala Mounika Reddy

Srilakshmi Chandrakant Deshpande


Suzan Rasha